My name is Britt, and from a very early age I felt…different. 

It took many years to be proud of that uniqueness and to finally learn how to balance the two halves of myself.

I have always felt a struggle between the everyday world and the world of mysticism. 


My heart has always been drawn to the world that you cannot explain, the world that you need to believe in to make it come alive.

I wake up each day and carry on as anyone would, but before I begin my day and before I go to sleep at night, I make a point to stop for a minute & acknowledge that there is something else at work all around me, something that I can only call "magic."

I have a thirst for knowledge.  I seek experiences and kindred spirits who walk the same path - as well as those who simply wish to learn more about it, or contribute something meaningful to it. 


This site and its purpose, is to bring me closer to what I believe has been my calling in this world: to help others, in any way I can, especially such ways that I am uniquely suited to do so.

Whatever it is that you seek, be it: clarity derived from the tarot, healing with the use of reiki, or simply help to improve your life or business...


I bid you welcome, and please do get in touch!